Display security system and interactive capabilities
Modern electronic devices require active security and interactive live presentation for consumer.

Perfect combination of security and advertising

It has been proved from countless real life applications, that sales of electronic devices and gadgets decrease by 30%, when consumer is not able to try and feel the device before purchase without assistance from staff. Locking the goods in shelves or behind the desk does indeed solve the theft issues, but ultimately leads to decrease in profit.

Display security systems are suitable for securing wide range of consumer electronic devices and gadgets, such as laptops, cameras, DVD players, tablets, mp3 players, shavers, cordless and mobile phones. It is also possible to secure high end jackets and glass showcases. 

By upgrading a display security system with interactive capabilities enables personel to focus on sales and promotion instead for safeguarding the devices and gadgets. Consumer can get detailed information on the device very easily and can even compare different devices by simply lifting the device from its display. Devices and gadgets can be powered via display system enabling consumers to have best possible look and feel experience of the device.

  • High level of security.
  • Interactive display of device features (feature list).
  • Improved advertising.
  • Sales increase.
  • Wide range of different systems to suit any store layout and design.
  • Powered secured devices and gadgets.


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