Outdoor parking guidance system
City centers are collapsing in the flood of vehicles – traffic congestions, with increasing air and noise pollution and the dissatisfaction of the citizens, visitors and merchants.

Effective city mobility in accordance to your parking policy.

Improve mobility by guiding people toward areas with parking availability, according to your own rules. Set parking policies and control the use of the spots to generate more rotations and parking availability. With planned and responsible implementation of outdoor parking guidance&control solutions, you increase the car flows in city centers, take advantage of existing parking facilities, improve quality of life and increase the effectiveness of the logistic function.
Ensure a greater flow of urban traffic by controlling the occupancy of outdoor parking lots and by active real-time vehicle guidance to free spots, which will reduct the air pollution and increase the user satisfaction in safer city.

  • Reduce driver's time & stress looking for parking
  • more rotations & parking availability
  • reduce pollution and related noise
  • regulate car flows 
  • limit the traffic in the city center
  • fast, easy and urban friendly installation
  • reliable real-time informations
  • reduction of payment fraud
  • increase the citizens, visitors and retailers satisfaction
  • better quality of life
  • revival of city centers
  • position as a Smart City.



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