Corporate Social Responsibility
Tenzor corporate social responsibility is based on responsible and transparent attitude towards our clients, suppliers, employees, local environment and government institutions. We contribute to sustainable development and take into account stakeholders expectations.

We are being aware of our roots

Tenzor corporate social note has become over 24-years of business, very recognizable within local environment. The company is aware of "their roots" and this is the reason the company has two fundamental task of corporate responsibility at local level - sport and culture. But we are also active on social and educational fields. 

The company decided to create and care for the Tenzor art collection in order to preserve and expand cultural heritage in the local environment. Tenzor art collection has been established years ago in order to support young local artists. Today this art collection contains more than 200 artworks of famous domestic and foreign authors.

sportniki sprejem 86

Tenzorjanec - employee of the year

Good mutual relations within the team are crucial for company's success. Each employee in Tenzor is important for quality performed work. At the end of the year we select the best employee of the year - Tenzorjanec. Qualities which are reflected in employee of the year are conscientious, effectively performed work, loyalty, teamwork, taking responsibilities and willingness to help.  



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